About Us

SPICE Group is a global network representing 41 countries including 27 national and international associations of innovation centers. Members of SPICE Group are experts in business incubation, innovation centers, technology parks, regional economic development, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. SPICE Members represent different professional and organizational backgrounds and combine information, experience and skills from many different areas.

Aims and Tasks

SPICE Group as a network combines professional experience from innovation centers (technology / science parks, business incubators) as well as industry, banks, venture capital, economic development agencies, law firms, business consultants and governmental institutions. We secure the best possible cooperation between all partners—in the private and the public sector—to promote entrepreneurship, innovation as well as economic and social development. SPICE Group is to work based on mutual personal trust, free of political and institutional influence in an open, creative atmosphere.

The aim of the SPICE Group (ICECE Work Group) is to increase the knowledge about business incubation, international business cooperation and promotion, economic policies and development, entrepreneurship as well as technology transfer by acquiring joint projects to: