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The following list provides information about upcoming events. Numbered events are "SPICE events" (meaning SPICE Group is involved by helping to define the topics, to identify and attract speakers, to prepare and organize the event and/or by holding a SPICE Meeting).

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30 Mar – 1 Apr 2017
Startup Competition at HSG Alumni Conference Germany

The bi-annual “HSG Alumni Conference Germany” will bring together graduates of HSG, University St Gallen, Switzerland and aims at promoting innovative ideas and those implementing them. Top speakers from politics, business and society will present under the theme “Reach Borders – overcome Borders”. Participants of the conference will include decision makers and managers of multinational corporations and financial institutions as well as many successful and well-known founders and family businesses.
Promising start-up teams will be supported with attractive prizes and brought together with business angels, venture capital representatives and potential business partners from the HSG Alumni Network., In line with the conference theme the competition looks for founders and startup entrepreneurs who "move boundaries" through developing and marketing innovative solutions for more quality of life, reach efficient mobility or increase productivity.
Participants of the startup competition "Moving Boundaries" will get free participation (incl. travel, accommodation and meals), feedback on their business idea by a jury of renowned VCs, startups promoters and business angels, can win cash prizes totaling €30,000, get free mentoring and access to the HSG Alumni Network for the winning teams, can attend numerous workshops and top-class networking opportunities with potential investors, partners and customers.
Deadline for application - exclusively through the online form – is November 15, 2016.
For more information see conference website below

Contact: Sven Corus

Conference WWW: https://hsgalumni.ch/deutschland

3 Apr 2017
BVIZ Work Group Day 2017

Knowledge for Practitioners – BVIZ Work Group day in Kassel
BVIZ, the German association of business and innovation centers has several work groups for members that regularly provide opportunities for practitioners to meet and exchange actual information and good practices. These workgroups are specialized on topics like “Green Technology Startups”, “Bio-Technology Parks, “Center Management”, “Creative Industry Startups”, or “International Incubation”. Once a year these workgroups all together meet for one day to provide opportunities for “cross-fertilization”.  This year this concept successfully replaced the traditional “Spring Conference” of the association. For the next year now the date has been published. The “BVIZ Work Group Day” will he hosted in the Science park Kassel on April 3, 2017.
More information will be made available on the association’s website below
SDO Profile Science Park Kassel, Gerold Kreuter email

Contact: Andrea Glaser

Conference WWW: http://www.innovationszentren.de/46-0-Arbeitsgruppen.html

13 Apr 2017
EU-Startups Conference in Berlin

The 4th  edition of the annual EU-Startups Conference will be held in Berlin at the  HTW Berlin, April 13, 2017.The event will showcase a selection of Europe’s hottest startups. 400+ participants (founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs as well as media) are expected to attend to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs.
The EU-Startups Conference 2017 taking place in the shiny HTW Audimax (HTW Berlin is location sponsor of the congference) will be the perfect event for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international companies from within Europe. We will have fireside chats with internationally successful founders and an exciting pitch competition with 15 startup teams.
Confirmed speakers are, for example, Jesper Buch, founder of the just-eat.com group and the like Miinto Group; Peter Vesterbacka co-foduner of Lightneer; Stephan Uhrenbacher, founder and CEO of FLIO, the global airport app, and founder several other companies like 9flats.com; Raffaela Rein, founder and CEO of CareerFoundry; Jeff Burton, co-founder of Electronic Arts (EA); Jeroen De Witt, founder and CEO of Teamleader; and   Nils Seger, founder and Managing Director of RCKT.
Tickets are available online

Contact: Thomas Ohr

Conference WWW: https://en.xing-events.com/XQQWANK.htm

26 – 27 Apr 2017
Startup Olé 2017

At Startup Ole 2016 More than 600 participants (among them 100+ startups presenting at the Startup Fair) from 61 countries at Startup Olé 2016 listened to 140 speakers – and they enjoyed the city of Salamanca, Spain.
Part of the event was the Accelerator Assembly sessions with more than 50 accelerators discussing trends of acceleration, including corporate involvement in startups. The “Accelerator Pitching” helping startups to understand the different ways accelerators use for supporting their clients. For more information see link 
Startup Olé aims at connecting startups and tech/digital talent with corporates, investors, accelerators, universities and media from all over Europe. The event also seeks to boost the European tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture and helps to attract and enhance participation in large consortia and startup support projects at European level. For more details see Startup Olé 2017 website

Contact: StarupOle Team

Conference WWW: http://startupole.eu/2017/?mc_cid=ab3ac4bd15&mc_eid=47cc6148fc

15 – 28 May 2017
Asia-Pacific Week: Asia-Europe Dialogue on Digitalization

Asia-Pacific Weeks, APW, since 1997 are Europe’s unique platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe. APW 2017 in Berlin will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. This “Dialogue on Digitalization” will explore the 4th industrial revolution and its future impact on economies and society; a crucial development for governments and the civil society worldwide. Among topics are smart cities, industry 4.0, digitalization, startups, their ecosystems and innovation.
Experts from the fast-growing and high-tech affine regions of Asia-Pacific are invited to discuss their perspectives with representatives of German innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.
The conference program will continue Connecting Startup Cities, building on the successful conference formats of 2015 and 2016. This year a special focus will be laid on the cities of Bangalore, Jakarta, and Manila. The APW cultural program will be hosted by event partners and presented at various venues across Berlin.
Participation is free of charge; registration is required see website
SDO Profile StartHubs Asia-Pacific

Contact: Anette Heimann

Conference WWW: http://apwberlin.de/

22 – 24 May 2017
Polish Innovation Centers meet to celebrate in Olsztyn

The 27th Annual conference 2017 of PBICA (Polish Business and Innovation Center Association) will be held in  Olsztyn on May 22 – 24, 2017 in cooperation with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.
The main discussion topics of the event will be Internationalization of companies and Business and Innovation Centers, Practical aspects of investing in start-ups and provide pro-innovative services, Monitoring the effectiveness of Business and Innovation Centers, Business models commercialization of research results, and Effective educational programs incubation at universities
The annual conference will offer presentations of Polish and foreign experts, speed ​​dating for Conference participants, and celebrate the 25th Anniversary PBICA

Contact: Marzena Mazewska

Conference WWW: http://www.sooipp.org.pl/ soon

31 May 2017
Startup Iceland 2017

Startup Iceland is the flagship conference for Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Investors. The event combines TED style talks, networking and the opportunity for every participant to connect one-on-one first-come-first-served mentoring session with all the speakers and mentors who participate in the event. 2017 is the 6th year this event is being hosted and it has been a one of the catalyst events that sparked the Icelandic startup community development

Contact: Bala Kamallakharan

Conference WWW: https://startupiceland.com/

20 Jun 2017

The HEUREKA Founders Conference since 2012 has developed to become is one of the main events for startup entrepreneurs in German­-speaking countries, especially for early stage startups and investors. The conference offers a platform to connect the stakeholders of the digital economy. The conference speakers share their experiences on both failure and success and provide information about the innovation processes in different areas of industry.
The HEUREKA 2017 will be held June 20, 2017 in Berlin.
 Early Bird tickets are available until January 31, 2017 through website

Contact: HEUREKA Team

Conference WWW: info@heureka-conference.com

5 – 7 Jul 2017
Open Ecosystems for Innovation

The annual congress of EBN, European Business and Innovation Center Network will be held under the headline “Open Ecosystems for Innovation” in Enghien-les-Bains (North of Paris, France).
More information will be made available on website below

Contact: EBN Team

Venue: http://www.ville-enghienlesbains.fr/en

31 Aug – 1 Sep 2017
ICEIRD 2017: Coproducing Knowledge, Innovation & Growth

 The ICEIRD 2017 will be held Aug 31 – Sep 1, 2017 in the Makedonia Palace Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece under the theme “University-Industry Links: Coproducing Knowledge, Innovation & Growth” with the aim to promote the dialogue and knowledge exchange through the participation of academics, commercialization practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses (companies) in order to enhance the impact of university-industry links to the growth potential of countries.
Over the past 10 years, ICEIRD has become one of the leading entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development conferences in Europe, attracting academics and practitioners from around the world. ICEIRD over the past decade has focused on the importance of universities, industry and government, and how innovation-led growth can be promoted linking research, co-production and commercialization through university-industry cooperation.
The Call for Papers for the 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2017) still is open (until December 12, 2016). The conference organizers are calling for paper abstracts as well as expressions of interests for sessions and workshops.
For more details regarding the Call for papers are available online; conference details and registration through conference website

Contact: ICEIRD 2017 Team

Conference WWW: iceird.eu/2017/

6 Sep – 7 Aug 2017
Pirate Summit Cologne

Pirate Summit is an invitation-only conference for early-stage startups, investors and corporate executives.
All attendees are handpicked from applications or personally invited to retain a networking format on the highest possible level of quality and influence. The event strives to connect early-stage founders and investors.
Startups can exhibit on the first day of the Pirate Summit and a few booths reserved for accelerators/investors and corporates.
At the “Walk the Plank” pitch competition selected startups can present themselves. The pitches are selected on the Pirate Summit Global Tour with a few wildcards available interested startups can apply for. 
Ticket prices increase as Pirate Summit gets closer. Application to attend Pirate Summit 2017 is available online

Contact: Pirate Team

Conference WWW: http://www.piratesummit.com/

Cape Town
South Africa
6 – 7 Sep 2017
10th SA Innovation Summit 2017

The 10th year of the SA Innovation Summit will be celebrated at the upcoming event on September 6-8, 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa.
The SA Innovation Summit aims at becoming the place for igniting an innovation revolution for entrepreneurs, the go-to place for inspiration and networking. Competitions, exhibitions, matching events, meetings with investors and sessions with thought leaders will help bringing startups to the next level
Actual news is available on Twitter and Facebook and on the SA Innovation Summit website.  
The Wall of Fame for Technology Enabled Businesses is part of the SA Innovation Summit. The initiative aims to develop, through business community involvement, an aspirational culture for becoming technology entrepreneurs. It will start as a virtual wall and migrate to a physical wall that will honor entrepreneurs who started their businesses after 2000 in the Western Cape, created a significant number of new jobs and showed significant impact on the economy. More information on Wall of Fame website

Contact: SA Innovation Summit Team

Conference WWW: http://innovationsummit.co.za/

24 – 26 Sep 2017
Bits & Pretzels - Munichs annual Founders Festival

This year the annual founders’ festival in Munich will be held September 24-26 in combination with the famous “Oktoberfest”. Again 5,000 startups, and other enthusiasts will meet with each other and investors, media as well as successful entrepreneurs like the founders of Virgin, Airbnb, Evernote or Zendesk. At the grand finale every table will be hosted by a Table Captain and all attendees can choose one of those handpicked CEOs, editors-in-chief or investors before the event even starts. 
Tickets are available online 

Contact: Bits&Pretzels Team

Conference WWW: https://www.bitsandpretzels.com/

26 – 29 Sep 2017
IASP World Conference 2017 Istanbul

The IASP World conference 2017 is scheduled to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 26 – 29, 2017 under the headline “Science parks and natural innovation ecosystems: Articulating future strategies”. The program will be divided into a variety of sessions – retaining both the traditional plenary and parallel sessions on specific topics, as well as more innovative formats to encourage a more dynamic knowledge exchange. The format of the sessions will only be determined after the paper review. Until Nov 14, 2016 authors still can choose from the theme blocks to submit their abstracts:
Innovative funding schemes – how have you used crowdfunding, new Angel Investment networks or Venture Capital support, or international funding tools?
Service mechanisms – tell us about new tools to improve services, internationalization, or ways you promote connections among residents and stakeholders.
Rethinking space: new habitats of innovation – how are FabLabs, design centres, co-working spaces, accelerators and living labs providing new value to talent?
The Future - speculate about the future of the STP and AOI sector.
IASP partners in organizing this conference are three Technoparks: Teknopark Istanbul, ODTU Teknokent, and ITU ARI Teknokent
SDO profile IASP 

Contact: Ebba Lund

Conference WWW: www.iasp2017istanbul.org

Earlier Events of SPICE Group

Annual ADT comnference / First ICECE Meeting
Berlin, Germany
20 Nov 1991
21st NBIA conference
Seattle, United States
1 – 4 Apr 2007
Lviv, Ukraine
2 – 5 Mar 2001
16th Global Summit at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2007
Riga, Latvia
12 – 14 Sep 2007
Almaty, Kazakhstan
24 – 27 Apr 2001
Advancing Innovation ECA 2007
Yerevan, Armenia
17 – 20 Sep 2007
Chicago, United States
25 – 28 Apr 2001
17th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Shanghai, China
23 Sep 2007
Budapest, Hungary
27 – 28 Apr 2001
Shaping the Future through Innovation
Bahrain, Bahrain
21 – 24 Oct 2007
Itzehoe, Germany
13 – 16 May 2001
Forum on Developing and Supporting ICT Based Entreprenurship
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
21 – 24 Nov 2007
4th Global Summit at the Annual NBIA conference
San Jose, California, United States
20 – 24 May 2001
BI 9: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - The Global Challenge
Brighton, United Kingdom
28 – 30 Nov 2007
Bilbao, Spain
11 – 13 Jun 2001
18th Global Summit of Business Incubation Assoications
San Antonio, Texas, United States
4 May 2008
Tallinn, Estonia
16 – 19 Jun 2001
First Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Skopje, Macedonia
8 – 10 May 2008
Riga, Latvia
14 – 16 Sep 2001
Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship effectively through Business Incubation
Bangkok, Thailand
27 – 29 Jul 2008
Bucharest, Romania
23 – 24 Sep 2001
19th Global Summit at the 20th Annual ADT conference
Berlin, Germany
21 – 23 Sep 2008
Lviv, Ukraine
27 – 29 Sep 2001
7th MENAinc Workshop
Ifrane, Morocco
29 – 30 Oct 2008
Poznan / Kiekrz, Poland
11 – 14 Oct 2001
Best Science Based Incubators
Paris, France
11 – 12 Dec 2008
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
23 – 26 Oct 2001
International Incubator Conference
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
16 – 17 Mar 2009
Kiev, Ukraine
16 – 18 Nov 2001
Women Business Incubation Workshop
Bishkek-Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan
9 – 16 Apr 2009
Vincovci, Croatia
22 – 24 Nov 2001
20th Global Summit at the NBIA International Conference 2009
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
19 – 22 Apr 2009
Tallinn / Tartu, Estonia
21 Feb – 23 2002
20th Annual Conference of PBICA
Gdynia, Poland
14 – 16 May 2009
Bratislava, Slovakia
11 Mar 2002
St. Petersburg SPICE Meting
St. Petersburg, Russia
6 – 8 Jul 2009
Paris, France
21 – 23 Mar 2002
2nd International Business Extreme Forum: Innovation. Personality, Growth
Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
9 – 11 Jul 2009
5th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Toronto, Canada
28 Apr 2002
Baltic Dynamics 2009
Vilnius, Lithuania
30 Sep – 3 Oct 2009
IASP Conference
Toronto, Canada
28 Apr – 1 May 2002
3rd infoDev Global Business Incubation Forum
Florianopolis, Brazil
26 – 30 Oct 2009
Prague, Czech Republic
6 – 9 Jun 2002
8th Best Science Based Incubator Award and Conference
Stockholm, Sweden
18 – 20 Nov 2009
Tallinn, Estonia
9 – 11 Jun 2002
Annual NBIA conference
Orlando, United States
16 – 19 May 2010
Madeira, Portugal
24 Jun – 26 Jul 2002
21st Global Summit to be held in Orlando, USA
Orlando, United States
16 May 2010
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
10 – 15 Sep 2002
"Beethoven, a Castle, a Park, and Delicacies" - The Third SPOAC
Budapest, Hungary
23 – 25 Jul 2010
Kiev, Ukraine
25 – 28 Sep 2002
Baltic Dynamics 2010
Riga, Latvia
15 – 17 Sep 2010
Mierzecin, Poland
9 – 12 Oct 2002
Science and Technology Parks in Poland - Experiences and Perspectives
Poznan, Poland
4 – 5 Oct 2010
Tartu, Estonia
10 – 12 Oct 2002
9th Annual Conference: “Best Practices in Science Based Incubation”
Liverpool, United Kingdom
17 – 19 Nov 2010
6th International Summit at the Annual ADT conference
Dortmund, Germany
17 – 18 Nov 2002
Fifth international ECAbit conference
Baku, Azerbaijan
2 – 3 Dec 2010
The Hague, Netherlands
5 – 6 Dec 2002
Annual International NBIA conference
San Jose, CA, United States
10 – 13 Apr 2011
Vilnius, Lithuania
15 – 17 May 2003
22th Global Business Incubation Summit
San, Jose, United States
10 Apr 2011
7th International Summit at the NBIA Conference in Richmond
Virginia, United States
18 – 21 May 2003
Annual PBICA Conference
Gliwice, Poland
19 – 21 May 2011
IASP Conference
Lisbon, Portugal
1 – 4 Jun 2003
Baltic Dynmaics 2011
Tallinn, Estonia
4 – 6 Sep 2011
20 years of business incubators in Germany
Berlin, Germany
28 Sep – 1 Oct 2003
infoDev Business Incubation Managment "Training of Trainers"
Ooty, India
28 Oct – 4 Nov 2011
Business and Innovation Centers within Programs of the European Community
Kalisz, Poland
10 – 13 Oct 2003
Science Based Incubators as Connectors between High-Tech Clusters
Aukland, New Zealand
28 – 30 Nov 2011
8th International Summit
Kitakyushu, Japan
14 Nov 2003
MENAinc Meeting in BBIC, Bahrain Business Incubator Center
Manama, Bahrain
28 – 29 Jan 2012
New Zealand Business Incubation Summit
Christchurch, New Zealand
10 – 11 Mar 2004
infoDev Business Incubation Management Training
Istanbul, Turkey
20 – 26 Feb 2012
Three Country Association Meeting
Tägerwilen, Switzerland
2 – 4 Apr 2004
23rd Global Business Incubation Summit(GBIN)
Atlanta, United States
6 May 2012
5th International UBICA Conference
Kiev, Ukraine
23 – 25 Apr 2004
26th Annual International NBIA conference
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
6 – 9 May 2012
9th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
25 Apr 2004
Visby, Sweden
4 – 7 Jul 2012
Country Gateways Global Network Meeting
Bonn, Germany
25 – 28 Jun 2004
Forth SPICE Picnic
Novi Sad, Serbia
27 – 29 Jul 2012
Riga, Latvia
9 – 12 Sep 2004
Baltic Dynamisc 2012
Vilnius, Lithuania
13 – 15 Sep 2012
infoDev Global Incubation Symposium
New Delhi, India
14 – 19 Oct 2004
SPICE G&G Workshop and 166th SPICE Meeting
Berlin, Germany
14 – 15 Dec 2012
Annual Conference of PBICA
Mielec region, Poland
14 – 16 Oct 2004
Annual NBIA Conference
Boston, United States
7 – 10 Apr 2013
10th International Summit of Associations
New Delhi, India
20 Oct 2004
Fifth Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship
East London, South Africa
28 – 30 May 2013
11th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Baltimore, United States
15 May 2005
Competence Building for Smart Growth
Riga, Latvia
11 – 13 Sep 2013
19th International NBIA Conference
Baltimore, United States
15 – 18 May 2005
25th Annual Conference of ADT
Berlin, Germany
22 – 24 Sep 2013
Regional Innovation and Incubation Capacity Building Workshop
Kiev & Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
9 – 11 Jun 2005
Forth SPICE G + G Workshop
Berlin, Germany
13 – 14 Dec 2013
111th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2005
Tallinn, Estonia
23 Aug 2005
18th SPICE BÄR Dinner and 172nd SPICE Meeting
Berlin, Germany
6 May 2014
3rd APEC Incubators' Forum
DaeGu, South Korea
26 – 28 Aug 2005
28th International NBIA Conference
New Orleans, United States
18 – 21 May 2014
Networking of Business Incubators
Bratislava, Slovakia
20 – 21 Sep 2005
25th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
New Orleans, United States
18 May 2014
XVIth annual conference of PBICA
Belchatuw, Poland
22 – 24 Sep 2005
Regional Workshop “The Right Ecosystem for Knowledge Valorization”
Ankara, Turkey
16 – 18 Jun 2014
KOBIA-SPICE Leqdership Program
Birmingham, United Kingdom
26 – 27 Oct 2005
Where is the Future? Baltic Dynamics 2014
Tartu, Estonia
17 – 19 Sep 2014
Business Incubation and Innovation Support
Yerevan, Armenia
4 – 5 Nov 2005
Protection of Innovation and Enterprises in Innovation Centers - Annual ADT Conference
Düsseldorf, Germany
21 – 23 Sep 2014
12th Global Summit at the 7th Annual UKBI Conference "Future Success" -
Sheffield, United Kingdom
27 – 29 Nov 2005
Fifth SPICE G & G Workshop
Berlin, Germany
11 – 13 Dec 2014
Regional Innovation and Incubation Capacity Building Workshop
31 Jan – 3 Feb 2006
Forging Connections, Collaboration and Community
Denver, Colorado, United States
27 – 29 Apr 2015
VI. Innovation Salon
Moscow, Russia
5 – 9 Feb 2006
Services and Innovation Centres for smart growth
Poznan, Poland
21 – 22 May 2015
13th Global Summit at the NBIA conference "Cultivating the Seeds of Innovation"
St. Louis, United States
30 Apr – 3 May 2006
Baltic Dynamics 2015: Putting Keywords together in the Innovation Ecosystem
Kaunas, Lithuania
27 – 29 May 2015
Asia Pacific Forum on Innovation and Incubation
Shanghai, China
17 – 19 May 2006
First SPICE Summer Workshop & Fifth SPICE Picnic
Berlin, Germany
10 – 11 Jul 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania
24 – 26 May 2006
SPICee 2
Poznan, Poland
10 – 11 Sep 2015
Special SPICE Workshop and PBICA Conference
Poznan, Poland
26 – 27 Oct 2006
The Capital of Startups - the Routes of Berlin
Berlin, Germany
20 – 22 Sep 2015
Second Global Forum on Business Incubation
Hyderabad, India
5 – 10 Nov 2006
Sixth SPICE G & G Workshop
Berlin, Germany
11 – 12 Dec 2015
14th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Hyderabad, India
11 Nov 2006
BVIZ-Work Group Day 2016
Berlin, Germany
11 Apr 2016
Best Practices in Science Based Incubators
Copenhagen, Denmark
7 – 8 Dec 2006
30th International Conference on Business Incubation
Orlando, Florida, United States
16 – 20 Apr 2016
10th AABI Assembly
Auckland, New Zealand
12 – 15 Mar 2007
Innovation and Technology Convergence – Strategy for Smart Growth
Riga, Latvia
15 – 16 Sep 2016
15th Global Summit at the 21st Annual NBIA conference
Seattle, United States
1 – 4 Apr 2007