Chronicle of Events

The following list provides information about the place and dates of all SPICE events since the establishment of the network.

*** ***
Frist SPICE Summer Workshop / Fifth SPICE Picnic / 181st SPICE Meeting in
Berlin, Germany

**The Birth of SPICee?** In a generally cool and sometimes even windy and rainy week in July one day was warm and mostly sunny: the day for the 5th SPICE Picnic. This was the day to enjoy the second day of the SPICE Summer Workshop “Entrepreneurship Ecosystems”. 11 participants (Larisa Brovarska, Heinz Fiedler, Thomas Fiedler, Janis Stabulnieks, Maciej Now... more

10 – 11 Jul 2015

180th SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics 2015

The 20th Annual “Baltic Dynamics” under the headline “Putting Keywords together in Innovation Ecosystem” was held end of May 2015 in the new building of the Kaunas Science Park that is part of Santaka Valley one of the five “valleys” of Lithuania. This conference gave the opportunity to gather SPICE Members for the 180th time. The 180th SPICE Meet... more

26 – 28 May 2015

179th SPICE Meeting at the Anniversary Conference of PPNT in Poznan, Poland

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP) with an international conference was the reason for another SPICE meeting in Poznan. PPNT is not only the first science / technology park of Poland, since the anniversary celebration it also is the first science park holding the certificate of the Polish Associat... more

20 – 21 May 2015

Fifth SPICE G & G Workshop and 177th SPICE Group Meeting

Hosted by CHIC, the Charlottenburg Innovation Center, a business incubator run by IZBM GmbH, the Fifth SPICE G & G Workshop brought together 14 participants from 7 countries. With respect to the first “G” in the workshop title and the tradition of this series, the official opening dinner was held in an historical S-Bahn waggon (Berlin city railway car... more

11 – 13 Dec 2014

175th SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics 2014 in Tartu, Estonia

A SPICE Dinner on September 17, hosted by Janis Stabulnieks in the famous restaurant “Werner” ( in Old Town Tartu, Estonia opened the 175th SPICE Meeting. Although best known for the bakery and cakes participants did not opt for the sweet side, but selected from the menu “Werner’s Soljanka” or other local delicacies. Werner’s opened ... more

17 – 19 Sep 2014

174th SPICE Meeting at the Regional Workshop "Ecosystem for Knowledge Valorization"

The regional workshop “The Right Ecosystem for Knowledge Valorization” organized by the technology park ODTU Teknokent in Ankara, Turkey in cooperation with EIB (European Investment Bank) with EIB (European Investment Bank), ESCWA, (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia), CMI (Center for Mediterranean Integration), and ISESCO (Islamic Scientific... more

16 – 18 Jun 2014

173rd SPICE Meeting at the Annual NBIA Confernce

The NBIA conference 2014, held in New Orleans offered many opportunities for meeting SPICE Group members and friends. A special appointment to sit around the table therefore was made only for the SPICE Dinner. Jeff Milanette (USA, at this time in Ethiopia) , Ingrid Rosten (USA), Francisco Soares (Portugal), Larisa Brovarska and Heinz Fiedler (Germany) were th... more

New Orleans
United States
18 May 2014

The 18th SPICE BÄR Dinner was the 172nd international SPICE Meeting with guests from Africa

The re:publica Berlin offered the opportunity for bringing incubation experts from Africa to Berlin. Attending this event that developed since 2007 from a meeting of German bloggers to the world’s largest social media event with more than 5,000 attendees, guests from Africa joined for the 18th SPICE BÄR Dinner in Berlin on May 6, 2014: Yann Leboux, CTIC Dak... more

6 May 2014

Forth SPICE G + G Workshop and 171st SPICE Group Meeting

The SPICE G & G 2014 Workshop was attended by the SPICE Group members Barbara Harley (USA), Peter Nagy (Hungary), Omer Oz (Turkey), Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia) , Francisco Soares (Portugal), Ints Viksna (Latvia), the German members Karl-Heinz Klinger, Gerhard Raetz, Uwe Seidel, Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Heinz Fiedler, Larisa Brovarska and as invited guests fro... more

13 – 14 Dec 2013

25th Anniversary Conference of ADT (170th SPICE Meeting)

... more

22 – 24 Sep 2013

169th SPICE Meeting at the "Baltic Dynamics 2013": Competence Building for Smart Growth

ThThe 18th Baltic Dynamics conference, organized by BASTIC, Baltic Association of Science and Technology Parks and Innovation Centers together with LITCA, Latvian Innovation and Technology Center Association, brought together more than 20 participants for pre-conference workshops, the conference “Competence Building for Smart Growth”, and the 169th SPICE M... more

11 – 14 Sep 2013

168th SPICE Meeting - following the 5th Global Forum of infoDev

The Fifth Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, held in East London, South Africa, May 27 - 27, 2013 attracted more than 800 participants. About 90 minutes flight south from Johannesburg East London offers great beaches. The Forum was the opportunity to learn from each other and to listen to leading thinkers and drivers in business incuba... more

South Africa
1 – 3 Jun 2013

The 166th SPICE Meeting,10th SPICE BÄR Meeting & 3rd G & G event

The last SPICE event for the year 2012 was the 10th SPICE BÄR meeting. To celebrate the anniversary this meeting – usually just a dinner of the SPICE Group members in and around Berlin – was organized as a workshop and combined with the Third G & G meeting. The SPICE G&G Meetings during recent years have been a meeting of friends coming together ... more

13 – 16 Dec 2012

The 165th SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics 2012 in Vilnius

The SPICE Meting at the Baltic Dynamics 2012 in Vilnius was a “distributed event”. Besides meetings in coffee and lunch breaks as well as in the evenings on part of the meeting took place during the conference reception in the “Old Green House” in Old Town Vilnius near the Cathedral square. Around the table with good food and drinks issues of business... more

13 – 14 Sep 2012

The Forth SPICE Picnic (and 164th SPICE Meeting) in Novi Sad, Serbia

The most important reasons for organizing a SPICE Picnic are providing the opportunity and environment for intensive talks between members of the network, for learning about interesting initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation support, to experience the art, music, culture, and history of the respective country, and of enjoy eating and drinking local spe... more

Novi Sad
28 – 29 Aug 2012

163rd SPICE Meeting - Barbecue at Almedalensveckan in Visby, Gotland

At "Alemedalensveckan" (see SPICE Update 102) Innovationsbron held a workshop in the courtyard on a mediaeval house: “Cracking the Code of Innovation Hotspots”. Based on the introductory statement of Bjoern Hermann Startup Genome Project, San Francisco, Heinz Fiedler (President of SPICE Group), and Carl Jeding (Head of the Beijing Office and Scie... more

7 Jul 2012

162nd SPICE Meeting & Dinner in Atlanta, Georgia

The Annual NBIA Conference and the Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations gave the opportunity for SPICE Girls & Boys to meet for the 162nd SPICE Dinner. A restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine (with a focus on Turkish delicacies) in an outdoors setting was the chosen place for the 12 SPICE group members and 3 guests, together from 11 countr... more

United States
6 May 2012

infoDev Business Incubation Management Training

infoDev held a week-long "Business Incubation Management Training" in Istanbul with the first three days for a "training of trainers" that resulted in certification of 26 trainers for the MENA and ECA regions as well as for Latin America. The remaining days were to train some 30 business incubation managers and stakeholders from many countr... more

20 – 26 Feb 2012

160th SPICE Meeting at the MENAinc Meeting in Bahrain

Bahrain Development Bank, parent company of BBIC, Bahrain Business Incubator Center, invited for this MENAinc Meeting to discuss initiatives for activating the network despite of the difficult environment of the "Arab Spring". Eight of the participating "MENAinc'ers" at the same time are members of the SPICE Group network so that this even... more

28 – 29 Jan 2012
Science Based Incubators as Connectors between High-Tech Clusters

The 10th Since Based Incubator Award and Conference ‘Science Based Incubators as Connectors between High-Tech Clusters’, moved to New Zeland with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as hosting partner.The conference discussed internationalization as one of the best opportunities for innovative start-ups to grow. And this event provided an opportunity for SPIC... more

New Zealand
28 – 30 Nov 2011
158th SPICE Meeting in Ooty, India

Organized by PSG-STEP College of Technology in Coimbatore, India, infoDev the Train-the-Trainer workshop brought together more than 30 business incubation bator managers from across the Asia Pacific Incubation Network. This workshop focused not only on the content of infoDev's 12-module training program, but also on skills to deliver participant-centered train... more

30 Oct – 4 Nov 2011

157th SPICE Meeting - the 20th SPICE Group Anniversary

**20 years of global cooperation** in an informal network, with members in 40+ countries, working with a non-registered organization is something unusual. And so was the celebration. The Baltic Dynamics conference was not selected incidentally. SPICE Group has a long history of cooperation with the Baltic States and the members from that region are part of the... more

4 – 6 Sep 2011

156th SPICE Meeting at the Annual PBICA conference in Poland

At the XXII Annual PBICA Conference on "Internationalization of the knowledge based entrepreneurship. The Role of Business Innovation Centers" in City of Gliwice, Silesia province, Poland the preseident of SPICE Group, **Heinz Fiedler**, Germany, presented on experience with international networking. Together with SPICE Group Vice president **Krzysz... more

21 – 23 May 2011

155th SPICE Meeting at the 25th NBIA Conference in San Jose, California

Ten years after SPICE Group celebrated its 10th anniversary at an NBIA conference in San Jose, California both returned to the Silicon Valley. SPICE Group for one of its 2o years celebrations; NBIA for its 25th International Annual conference . As usual‖ participants from all around the globe attended the event that one more time proved to be one of the mos... more

San Jose, California
United States
9 – 12 Apr 2011

154th SPICE Meeting at the 5th ECAbit Conference

At AIECA 2010, the Fifth international conference of the Eastern European and Central Asian Business Incubators and Technology Parks Network **“Advancing Innovation in ECA 2010** in Baku Azerbaijan, December 2 - 2, 2010 no formal SPICE Meeting was held. However, SPICE Vice President **Krzysztof Zasiadly**, Poland, and SPICE Members **Rositza Djambazova**, Bu... more

1 – 4 Dec 2010
153rd SPICE Meeting at the 9th Best Science Based Incubator Award and Conference

As a number of SPICE Members were involved with the conference and Award ceremonies this conference offered an excellent opportunity for exchanging information about recent developments and upcoming activities. SPICE Member **Dinah Adkins** (USA) chaired the conference and SPICE Regional Director **Peter Harman** (United Kingdom) hosted the Award session. Furt... more

United Kingdom
18 – 19 Nov 2010

Flyimg Dynamics: 151st SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics in Riga

The 15th annual BALTIC DYNAMICS conference ”Knowledge Flow in Innovation System: from Idea to Action”, was held mid-September 2010 in Riga, Latvia. About 360 participants from more than 30 countries one more time are confirmation for the importance of this event regarding innovation and entrepreneurship support Europe. But not only the conference provided ... more

15 – 17 Sep 2010
Beethoven and SPICE Art Ball - 3rd SPICE Picnic and 150th SPICE Meeting

The Third SPICE Picnic & Open Air Concert (SPOAC) in Budapest was a truly informative and enjoyable event. The workshop gave opportunity to update on actual developments in business incubation (and related areas) as well as regarding the personal activities of members and invited participants. It has been an excellent opportunity for strengthening personal... more

Budapest / Martonvar
23 – 25 Jul 2010

149th SPICE Meeting at the International NBIA Conference

At NBIA’s International Conference on Business Incubation held in Orlando, Florida with more than 500 participants from 40 countries SPICE members gathered for their 149th meeting. This added to the numerous opportunities the conference provided for personal contact with professionals from around the globe. The conference also celebrated the **NBIA's 25th a... more

United States
16 – 19 May 2010

148th SPICE Meeting at the Third Global Forum in Florianopolis, Brazil

Well, the **Third infodev Global Fourm on Innovation and Entpreneurship" did not experience a "formal" SPICE Meting. However, with 12 members of the SPICE Group active at thsi event (Bagrat Yengibaryan, Heinz Fiedler, Inna Gagauz, Jeff Milanette, Julian Webb, Larisa Brovarska, Mercedes Barcelon, Mustapha Mezghani, Omer Oz, Rositza Djambazova, S... more

26 – 30 Oct 2009

146th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania

It can be called a tradition: at (almost) all BALTIC DYNAMIC conferences SPICE Group held a meeting (and more or less helped preparing the event). With **Karl-Heinz Jach, Pranas Milius, Klaus Plate, Janins Stabulnieks, Raivo Tamkivi, Larisa Brovarska, and Heinz Fiedler seven members of the network attended the event. The separate SPICE Meeting addtionally was ... more

30 Sep – 3 Oct 2009

145th SPICE Meeting at the "Business Extreme" in Petrozavodsk, Russia

Only two days after the 144th SPICE Meeting, but a few hundred kilometers north of St. Petersburg the 145th meeting was held in Petrozavodsk, the Karelian Capital . The **Second "Business Extreme" conference** of the Russian National Business Incubation Association brought SPICE Group members to this city and the breathtaking nature and history aroun... more

9 Jul 2009 – 0

144th SPICE Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia

The 144th SPICE Meeting in St. Petersburg was more a meeting "on tour". SPICE Group members met in St. Petersburg on their way to Petrozavodsk, Karelia for the "Business Extreme" conference and the meeting was held on a boat travelling the rivers Neva and Fontanka through the historical the city. Three "first day" members of SPICE... more

St. Petersburg
7 Jul 2009 – 0

143rd SPICE Meeting at the 20th PBICA conference in Gdynia, Poland

The **143rd SPICE Meeting** was held in Gdynia, Poland at the **20th Annual Conference of the Polish Business and Innovation Center Association** with more than 200 participants held in Gdynia at the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Poland gave reason for arranging a SPICE Meeting and an presentations of the SPICE Art Ball. SPICE Group and the Polish Associations... more

14 May 2009 – 0

142nd SPICE Meeting at the NBIA conference in Kansas City, USA

The **142nd SPICE Meeting** was held in Kansas City, USA at the 23rd NBIA conference - one more time the meeting point for the business incubation world. This NBIA conference also hosted the **20th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations** (GBIN) and offered an the opportunity for SPICE group members to meet. SPICE Group honoured NBIA's President... more

Kansas City
United States
19 – 20 Apr 2009

141st SPICE Meeting at the Women Incubation Workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The first international workshop of infoDev's international Work Group on Women Business Incubation organized by the Congress of Women of Kyrgyz Republic and held in Bishkek and Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan offered the opportunity for SPICE members to meet "at the side". SPICE Group members active at the workshop were Zamira Akbagysheva (Kyrgyzstan), Laris... more

Bishkek & Issyk-
12 – 14 Apr 2009

140th SPICE Meeting at the First Business Incubation Forum in Saudi Arabia

The first **International Conference on Business Incubation** in Saudi Arabia brought together experienced speakers from all around the world, including SPICE group members from 12 countries. The conference "Business Incubation- Bridging the Link between Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship" was aimed at laying a foundation for developing busin... more

Saudi Arabia
16 – 17 Mar 2009

139th SPICE meeting at the "Best Science Based Incubators Conference & Award"

The seventh annual international conference and Award **"Best Science Based Incubators"** will be organized by Science Alliance brought together SPICE Group members in Paris, France. The conference was chaired by Heinz Fiedler, President of SPICE Group who also coordinated the support from the SPICE group network for preparing the event (for more det... more

11 – 12 Dec 2008

138th SPICE Meeting at the MENAinc Workshop in Ifrane, Morocco

The 7th MENAinc workshop, "Incubation and Technology Parks for Economic Growth" was held in Ifrane following the ASTF conference in Fez, Morocco (see SPICE Updae No 83). Hosted by Al-Akhawayn University and supported by infoDev this workshop was held on the campus of this business oriented university. An important result of the MENAinc workhop was the first ME... more

29 – 30 Oct 2008
137th SPICE Meeting at the 20th Anniversary Conference of ADT in Berlin, Germany

ADT, the German Federal Association of Business Incubation adn technology centers was celebrating its 20th Anniversary its 20th anniversayr - 20 year of formal existance of thsi association that informally already works four years longer. Besides participating at this conference and the 19th Global Summit of Buisness Incubation Asscoiations, members of SPICE G... more

21 – 23 Sep 2008
136th SPICE Meeting on a Boat in Bangkok, Thailand

The **136th SPICE Meeting** was held at the occasion of the international conference "Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship effectively through Business Incubation - Dialogue on international success stories, lessons learned, implementation instruments and importance of networking". Organized by **InWent, Germany** this conference brought togeth... more

27 – 29 Jul 2008

135th SPICE Meeting at the International Conference on Entrepreneruship and Innovation in Skopje & Ohrid, Macedonia

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Business Start-Up Centre (UKIM-BSC) in Skopje, Macedonia together with SENSI, the South East European Network of Start-Up Centers and Incubators held an international conference on entrepreneurship and innovation with the main topics "Governmental and regional poli-cies on entrepreneurship, innovation and R&D", ... more

Skopje & Ohrid
8 – 10 May 2008

134th SPICE Meeting at the NBIA conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA

the 22nd Annula NBIA conference offered more than 60 conference sessions and pre-conference training institutes on "Facilities Management" and "The Fundamentals of Incubator Management" for the more than 600 conference attendees. The **18th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations** was attended by 14 national business incubation associations and cont... more

San Antonio, Texas
United States
4 May 2008
133rd SPICE Meeting at the BI 9 Conference: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - The Global Challenge

The ninth Aannual Conference of UK Business Incubation **"BI 9: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - The Global Challenge"** offered an opportunity for SPICE group members to meet informally. ... more

United Kingdom
28 – 30 Nov 2007
132nd SPICE Meeting at the ICT Forum in Julio Dolio, Dominican Republic

The first ICT Forum in Dominican Republic, opened by Diputado Pelegrin Castillo, Member of the Congress of Dominican Republic, focused on how Information and Communication technologies enable business start-up and devel-opment was held November 21-24, 2007. Organized by Innov-E a new business accelerator in Santo Domingo that was opened officially with this ev... more

Julio Dolio
Dominican Republic
24 Nov 2007
131st SPICE Meeting at the 5th MENAinc Workshop in Manama, Bahrain

With more than 200 participants from 39 countries the 5th MENAinc Workshop **"Shaping the Future throug Innovation and Entrepreneurship"**, held in Bahrain October 21 - 24, 2007 was a milestone for developing the infoDev network for business incubators, technoparks, and their stakeholders in Middle East and North Africa. Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Ebra... more

24 Oct 2007 – 0

130th SPICE Meeting at the 17th Global Summit in Shanghai, China

The intensive program of the 17th Summit and the International Forum did not provide time and space for arranging an additional meeting of the five SPICE members from 4 countries (Australia, Kora, Malaysia, and USA)attending this event. However, this gathering in Asia allowed members to "stick their heads together" and talk about activities to come. ... more

23 Sep 2007
129th SPICE Meeting at the ECAbit conference in Yerevan, Armenia

Not a "formal" SPICE meeting, but seven members from five countries actively took part in the ECAbit conference "Advancing Innovation in ECA" and contributed with thier experience to developing the network of buisness incubators in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. ... more

17 – 20 Sep 2007

128th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2008 in Riga, Latvia

The **128th SPICE Meeting** held in Riga September 13, 2007. The occasion for having this SPICE Meeting was the **BALTIC DYMANICS conference** and the **"Innovation Week"** in Riga. The conference attracted 411 participants from 35 countries plus ca. 280 attendees to attend the parallel events (workshops on special topics related with innovation, technology,... more

13 Sep 2007

127th SPICE Meeting at the NBIA conference in Seattle, USA

The 15th Global Summit was held on April 1 - the day before the 21st Annual Internationl NBIA conference began. At the Summit SPICE Group was well represented by SPICE members, **Dinah Adkins, Bong Jin Cho, Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Inna Gagauz, Barbara Harley, Peter Harman, and Richard White**. There was a discussion of: the various documents from the Hyderabad 14... more

United States
1 Apr 2007

126th SPICE Meeting at tha 10th Annual Assembly of AABI in Auckland, New Zealand

Never ones to knock back the chance of a SPICE Meeting, the SPICE members in New Zealand for the 10th Asian Association of Business Incubators Assembly and related activities took the opportunity and met on Thursday 15th March, 2007. The opportunity was the black tie (very formal) World Class New Zealanders Awards Dinner, a very salubrious occasion in the Auc... more

New Zealand
15 Mar 2007 – 0
125th SPICE Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

At the Fifth Annual Conference on "Best Practices in Science Based Incubators", organised by Science Alliance, held December 7-8, 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark the 125th SPICE Meeting took place as a dinner. Firstly established in 2002, international "Best Practices" conference has developed into an important yearly event including the Best Science Based Incuba... more

7 – 8 Dec 2006

124th SPICE Meeting in Hyderabad, India

The SPICE Meeting in Hyderabad, India was a series of members meetings during the **infoDev Hyderabad Global Forum on Business Incubation** and the **Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations**. In fact no "formal" SPICE Meeting was held. During the five days of these events a large number of opportunities for meetings and talks between SPICE members &... more

7 – 11 Nov 2006

123rd SPICE Meeting and Special SPICE Workshop in Poznan, Poland

SPICE Meeting in Poznan, Poland Prior to the Annual Conference of PBICA, Polish Association of Business Incubation and Innovation Centers, a Special SPICE Workshop (and the 124th SPICE Meeting) was held in Poznan, Poland, October 25-26, 2006. This event was hosted by Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP, see The day after... more

26 – 27 Oct 2006
122nd SPICE Meeting at the BATLIC DYNAMICS '06

The 122nd SPICE Meeting, at the same time meeting # 3 in the row of SPICE Anniversary meetings was attended by participants from 11 countries. Discus-sion was focused on the "SPICE Anniversary Questions" based on a summary provided by **Barbara Harley**. Replies received so far already provide important suggestions for future SPICE activities - but further com... more

26 May 2006 – 0
121st SPICE Meeting at the 3rd APEC Business Incubation Forum

At the 123rd SPICE Meeting members and friends from 12 countries joined over dinner (by **Wang Ron's** invitation) to discuss experience from international cooperation, and to generate ideas for future activities, projects, and events. **Bong Jin Cho, Korea and Yerik Dukenbayev** received their own PUMBAA. This is the personal SPICE Group mascot presented to ... more

19 May 2006 – 0

120th SPICE Meeting in St. Louis, USA at the annual NBIA conference

The 120th SPICE Meeting was the beginning of celebrations of the **15th SPICE Group Anniversiary** with two main activities: - Developing a review of business incubation and networking activities during the recent decade as well as outlining per-spectives how to meet future challenges. - Creating the SPICE Art Ball 2006 to represent the countries in the networ... more

St. Louis
United States
3 – 4 May 2006

119th SPICE Meeting in Moscow, Russia

The "VI. Innovation Salon in Moscow" presented innovative products and services based on results of research institutions from all over Russia at an exhibition to an audience mainly from the Russian Federation and a number of other CIC countries. Among the exhibitors also were a number of Russian technology parks. Conferences and workshops on technology transf... more

9 Feb 2006 – 0
118th SPICE Meeting at the first Regional infoDev Workshop for MENA

The "Regional Capacity Building and Network Development Workshop" for Middle East and Noth Africa was prepared and hosted by the infoDev grantee Casablanca Technology Park. 150 participants from North African and Middle East attended this event: Algeria, Bah-rain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen - addi... more


3 Feb 2006 – 0
117th SPICE Meeting: "Future Success" - 7th UKBI Conference

At this UKBI conference also the **12th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations** was held. The Summit was attended by representatives of eleven countries: eight national business incubation associations and three other incubation organizations. The Summit adopted a resolution and an internal agreement. With the Resolution the Summit clarified the r... more

United Kingdom
27 – 29 Nov 2005
116th SPICE Meeting in Yerevan, Armenia

The Regional Workshop Successful Business Incubation, 4-5 November, 2005 Yerevan, Armenia, workshop enjoyed high attention by the Armenian government and was opened by Mr. Karen Tchshmarityan, Minister of Trade and Economic Development. The Deputy Minister of Trade and Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia, A. Gevorgyan, spoke about the "National Pol... more

4 – 5 Nov 2005
115th SPICE Meting in Birmingham, UK: The KOBIA-SPICE Leadership Program

This year's Korean Business Incubation Leadership Tour brought a group of 46 business incubation professionals to Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Elina Sintonen (Otaniemi Science Park in Helsinki, Finland), Kyösti Jääskeläinen (Fin-ish Science Park Association), **Mary Spaeth**, ESAD, Linköping Sweden) and **Toni Wanklin** (UKBI, Birmingham, UK) organ... more

United Kingdom
27 – 28 Oct 2005
114th SPICE Meeting in Belchatuw, Poland

**Regional Development through Innovation and Business Incubation** was the title of the 16th Annual conference of PBICA, "Polish Business incubation and Innovation Center Association". Blue skies, warm September sunshine and a comfortable hotel near a lake made the con-ference environment perfect. Under the title 160 participants from five countries discussed... more

22 – 24 Sep 2005
113th SPICE Meeting: Network Development in Slovakia

The workshop "Networking of Business Incubators - Different Perspectives" in Bratislava, September 20-21, 2005 brought together experienced business incubation professionals and "newcomers", economic development experts and administrators as well as experienced practitioners from abroad. With this event an EU sponsored project was finalized that supported deve... more

20 – 21 Sep 2005
112th SPICE Meeting at the 3rd APEC Incubator Forum

As part of the field trip organized for participants of the **3rd APEC Incubator Forum** in Daegu, Korea were invited for a tradi-tional Korean dinner. SPICE group took advantage of this opportunity to sit the Asian way around the dinner table and shortly talk about internal matters of the network. Hosted by **Bong Jin Cho**, Korea, members and from eleven cou... more

South Korea
27 Aug 2005
111th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2005

Due to arrival times of members the 111th SPICE meeting only could be organized in two parts. The first part took place the day before the BALTIC DYNAMICS 2005. Hosted by **Raivo Tamkivi** and his colleague **Kaupo Pastak** (chairman of the technopark Executive Board) SPICE members met in Tallinn’s leading fish restaurant "Möökala" (Swordfish) for a dinne... more

23 – 24 Aug 2005
110th SPICE Meeting at the "Kiev Regional Network Workshop"

The "Kiev workshop" was the first in a series of infoDev events to be held in the coming months in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and for the Middle East / North Africa region. Under the title "Regional Innovation and Incubation Capacity Building" this workshop brought together participants from 19 countries in Central Asia / Eastern Europe as well as European U... more

9 – 11 Jun 2005
109th SPICE Meeting at the 11th Global Summit of GNBI

The 19th International NBIA conference welcomed participants from more than 30 countries, celebrated the **20th anniversary of NBIA**, and hosted the **11th Global Summit of GNBI**. A perfect environment for a SPICE Meeting held right after the Summit closed. Topics of this meeting were related with the Summit resolutions including a basic agreement on the s... more

United States
15 May 2005
108th SPICE Meeting at the 10th Global Summit

The 108th SPICE meeting was held right after the **10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations** and can be described as a purely informal event to relax from the de-manding sessions of six days of the infoDev Global Forum on Business Incubation / 10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations. After these vewry successful eve... more

New Delhi
20 Oct 2004
107th SPICE Meeting at the annual PBICA Conference

The SPICE Meeting No. 107 was held at the **15th Annual Conference of the Polish Business Incubators & Innovation Center Association, PBICA.** Under the title "The Role of Business Innovation Centers in Creating Supportive Conditions for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the European Union" participants of the conference agreed t... more

15 Oct 2004
106th SPICE Meeting at the BALTIC DYNMICS 2004

The BALTIC DYNMICS conferences are ranking on the top of the business incubation conferences for quite a long time. Rotating between the Capitals of the Baltic States this year Riga hosted the event with 460 participants from 35 countries. With these numbers the event is in the top league of business incubation conferences. But not only numbers count. The cont... more

9 – 12 Sep 2004
105th SPICE Group Meeting in Bonn, Germany

This workshop brought together representatives from "Country Development Gateways" from 54 countries and representatives of Gateway Foundation and the Country Development Gateway team, Washington, D.V. All together more than 110 people working together for the promotion of innovation and economic development in their countries. This Workshop, organized by SPI... more

25 – 28 Jun 2004
104th SPICE Group Meeting at the 18th NBIA Conference

NBIA's 18th International Conference on Business Incubation "The Power of Supporting Entrepreneurs" again was the annual meeting point for business incubation professional from all around the globe a very good basis to meet for the 9th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations, April 25, 2004. Delegates from 18 associations-among other issues-re... more

United States
25 – 28 Apr 2004
103rd SPICE Group Meeting at the UBICA Conference

The Ukrainian Business Incubation Association, held the 5th International UBICA Conference in Kiev April 21 - 23, 2004. Traditionally SPICE Group supports this annual conference , this year attended by association representa-tives from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine. For the 103rd SPICE meeting, held April 23, 2004 with 14 participants also delegates... more

23 – 25 Apr 2004
102nd SPICE Group Meeting in Tägerwilen, Switzerland

Representatives of the three business incubation associations of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland met in the High-Tech-Center Tägerwilen (HTC), Switzerland, to discuss potentials for concrete cooperation between the countries. This meeting was initiated by SPICE Group and hosted by Jan Larsson, Executive Director of the HTC and president of Bes... more

2 Apr 2004 – 4 Apr 0
101st SPICE Group meeting at the APEC Forum in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2004 hosted a conference of the APEC Science Ministers and combined this with several innovation related events: The 6th Summit of New Zealand Business Incubators focused on "Capital for Growth Companies", the "Innovation Showcase" offering innovative products and services in an exhibition, and a number of other workshops and... more

New Zealand
12 – 14 Mar 2004
100th SPICE Group Meeting at the "Innovation Fiesta" in Kitakyushu, Japan

This SPICE meeting was held in Kitakyushu, Japan, November 12 - 14, 2003 at the "Innovation Fiesta", a conference and exhibition on innovation, technology transfer and technology business incubation organized by the city of Kitakyushu, Mr. Toshihiro Kose. This event also was hosting also the **8th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations**. Cha... more

12 – 14 Nov 2003
67th SPICE Meeting
99th ICECE Work Group event

The **10th Anniversary of PBICA**, Polish Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers was cele-brated with this 14th Annual Conference in Poland. **Jacek Gulinski**, PBICA President and **Krzysztof Zasiadly**, PBICA Vice President, summarized the business incubation experience developed in the country which already became a reference for developm... more

10 – 12 Oct 2003
66th SPICE Meeting
98th ICECE Work Group event

The **Anniversary Annual Conference of ADT**, Association of German Business Incubation and Technology Centers, "20 Years of Business Incubators in Germany" and the **infoDev Advisory Workshop** were a combination of events bringing together some 250 business incubation experts from 37 countries. This ADT Conference, summarized the experience of German busines... more

27 – 30 Sep 2003
65th SPICE Meeting
97th ICECE Work Group event

At the **IASP World Conference 2003** members of the SPICE network and invited guests met moderated by SPICE Vice President: Krzysztof Zasiadly, to update each other on recent developments and to discuss matters of SPICE Group. Krzysztof Zasiadly presented a brief information about the Richmond Summit, informed about the next World Summit in Kitakyushu, Japan,... more

1 – 4 Jun 2003
64th SPICE Meeting
96th ICECE Work Group event

The **Annual NBIA Conference** one more time was the meeting point for the business incubation industry. Hundreds of participants from all around the globe took advantage of the large number of presentations, workshops and discussions about almost any topic important for business incubation development. The start of iDISC, the World Bank project to support bus... more

Richmond, Virginia
United States
18 – 20 May 2003
63rd SPICE Meeting
95th ICECE Work Group event

The **BALTIC DYNAMICS 2003**, this time hosted by Lithuania and organized by Pranas Milius and his team, again proved the importance of business incubators, innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer for economic de-velopment in the Baltic States. The Lithuanian Prime Minister, Algirdas M. Brazauskas opened the conference--a symbol for the political e... more

15 – 17 May 2003
62nd SPICE Meeting
94th ICECE Work Group event

The international conference discussed **best business incubation practices** from all over the world and launched an **"Award on the Best Science Based Incubator"**. Insight in the indicators for successes and failures in Science-Based incubators are of main interest for public and private investors. This conference sought to formulate recommenda-tions on th... more

The Hague
5 – 6 Dec 2002
6th World Summit of Associations
61st SPICE Group Meeting
93rd ICECE event

Hosted by **Rolf Friedrichsdorf**, Vice Chairman of ADT, Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Centers and SPICE Group the 6th International Summit of Business Incubation and Science Park Associations brought together attendees from 19 countries representing 21 associations. The main topics of the Summit were Benchmarking, Quality of Serv... more

16 – 18 Nov 2002
60th SPICE Meeting
92nd ICECE Work Group event

The **10th Anniversary of Tartu Science Park**, the first science park in Estonia, was the background of a conference held in one of the oldest European university cities. The SPICE Meeting focussed on preparing a "common positions" concerning the results of the "EU Business Incubator Benchmarking Study" and thereby to prepare the 6th Interna-tional Summit of... more

10 – 12 Oct 2002
59th SPICE Meeting
91st ICECE Work Group event

The **Annual Conference of PBICA, Polish Business and Innovation Center Association**, was held in the enjoyable environment of a castle hotel. The main issues of the conference were matters of EU integration and how business incubators can support this process. The SPICE Meeting, chaired by Krzysztof Zasiadly, focussed on preparing a "common positions" conce... more

9 – 12 Oct 2002
58th SPICE Meeting
90th ICECE Work Group event

The Annual conference of UBICA, Ukrainian Business and Innovation Center Association again found greatest interest - nationally as well as from intentional partners. The development of business incubators in Ukraine were discussed and international cooperation potentials elaborated. The Sanatorium Pusha Voditsa offered a perfect environment for this conference... more

25 – 27 Sep 2002
57th SPICE Meeting
90th ICECE Work Group event

The **SPICE activities in Kazakhstan** were an intensive work program: a visit to Al-Farabi National Kazakh University to discuss the development of a technology park, a two-days pre-conference **training seminar** (23 participants) "Technology transfer and access to New Markets" and the **second annual conference of KABIC**, the Kazakh Association of Business... more

10 – 15 Sep 2002
56th SPICE Meeting
88th ICECE Work Group event

The third NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) with SPICE Group participation as titles "Defense related SME's: Analysis and Description of Current Conditions; The Challenge of Re-Adjustment in the 21st Century". The initiators of this event were **Tom Shea** and **Pelagio Branco** who developed the program and selected the speakers to be invited. For example... more

Funchal, Madeira
23 – 25 Jun 2002

55th SPICE Meeting
87th ICECE Work Group event

The European Conference of IASP hosted by **Luis Sanz** and **Raivo Tamkivi** brought together science park and business incubation experts from many countries. In an inspiring atmosphere full of energy and drive important topics were discussed like "Corporate Governance" with presentations by Piero Formica, Ron Kysiak and Oli Niemi. Charlotte Munck af Rosensc... more

9 – 11 Jun 2002
54th SPICE Meeting
86th ICECE Work Group event

First time SPICE Group cooperated with BJU, the German Association of Young Entrepreneurs. The annual conference of this association attracted more than 100 German entrepreneurs to visit the "Golden City" Prague. A fertile environment for a **Czech-German Business-to-Business Meeting** jointly organized by SPICE Group and BJU with financial support from the Ge... more

Czech Republic
6 – 7 Jun 2002
53rd SPICE Meeting
85th ICECE Work Group event

The **annual conference of NBIA**, National Business Incubation Association, USA first time was held abroad. The neighboring Canada hosted this event, organized in cooperation with **CABI**, the Canadian Business Incubation Association. Again many countries were represented by the conference participants. Almost a tradition already: The **5th International S... more

28 Apr – 1 May 2002
51st SPICE Meeting
83rd ICECE Work Group event

10 years BIC Bratislava, Slovakia were celebrated in Slovakia's Capital. This Business and Innovation Center was one of the first BICs in Central and Eastern Europe receiving financial support from the European Union. During ten years of operation BIC Bratislava developed well and meanwhile is a fully private operation. Last year the center expanded into a ren... more

11 Mar 2002
52nd SPICE Meeting
84th ICECE Work Group event

The "European Forum on Business Incubation", organized by Claudine Schmuck and her small private company "Global Contact" brought together some 200 representatives from venture / seed capital funds as well as other finan-cial institutions with business incubation experts and entrepreneurs Europe and the United States. **Dinah Adkins**, CEO of the National Busi... more

21 Feb – 23 Mar 2002
50th SPICE Meeting
82nd ICECE Work Group event

The first SPICE meeting of this year was a three days work session in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia. On the business plan for the technology parks in Tartu and Tallinn. The business plan for the new Tallinn Technology Park was prepared by **Raivo Tamkivi** and **Peeter Vörk**, both contracted by the Estonian Enterprise Agency for this work. The business plans fo... more

Tallinn / Tartu
20 – 24 Feb 2002
81st ICECE Work Group event

A **Qualification Seminar** for experts in economic development, business support and technology transfer as well as for entrepreneurs was held in Vincovci. This city near the border between Croatia, Yugoslavia and Bosnia-Herzegovina suffered much during the war. The damages still can be seen in this area which urgently needs new entrepreneurial initiatives. W... more

22 – 24 Nov 2001
49th SPICE Meeting
80th ICECE Work Group Event

A German - Ukrainian Workshop on "Experience from International Innovation and Cooperation Projects" was organized jointly by SPICE Group and the Technology Park of the E.O. Paton Institute, **George Marynsky** under contract with the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Aim of this workshop was to analyze experience gained for research to busin... more

16 – 17 Nov 2001
47th SPICE Meeting
79th ICECE Work Group event

This first World Conference on Business Incubation attracted almost 600 delegates from 28n countries to Brazil. The well prepared and organized conference offered insight into the development of business incubation around the globe and provided fertile ground for making new and maintain established contacts. **Luis Bermudos**, President of the Brazilian Associ... more

Rio de Janeiro
23 – 26 Oct 2001
46th SPICE Meeting
78th ICECE Work Group event

The PBICA Conference in Kiekrz, Poland. attracted almost 80 participants from Poland and abroad--including a delegation from Kazakhstan. Presentations and discussions were focussed on the preparations for the European Union. Highest quality presentations covered a wide range of topics related with business incubation and support for small and medium sized ent... more

16 – 19 Oct 2001
77th ICECE Work Group event

The UBICA Conference in Lviv, Ukraine, held during the "German--Ukrainian Business Cooperation Week" (sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology as well as the State of Saxonia) attracted a large number of participants from Ukraine and abroad. Not only experts in business incubation, technology transfer and commercialization, but also ... more

27 – 29 Sep 2001
46th SPICE Meeting
76th ICECE Work Group event

The 2nd NATO Advanced Research Seminar in Romania was attended by twenty-four delegates representing 18 countries. They met under the chairmanship of **Richard Bendis** to identify opportunities for overcoming barriers to technology transfer and business commercialization in Central and Eastern Europe. The meeting was organized as a "roundtable forum" for int... more

22 – 23 Sep 2001
45th SPICE Meeting
75th ICECE Work Group event

The BALTIC DYNAMICS again proved to be one of the most important meeting places for the "innovation industry". This year combined with a technology exhibition, this event attracted a really international audience from business, science and politics. **Janis Stabulnieks** really hosted a very special SPICE 10th Anniversary Workshop. About 90 minutes drive North... more

14 – 16 Sep 2001
44th SPICE Meeting
73rd ICECE Work Group event

The first day of the meeting was devoted to the SPICE Anniversary Workshop, hosted by **Raivo Tamkivi** and attended by 17 people from 8 countries--all high level experts. The discussion focused on the experience gained from business incubation activities during the last decade. Members reported from several CEE countries and stated as am important achievement... more

16 – 19 Jun 2001
43rd SPICE Meeting
72nd ICECE Work Group event in Bilbao

The SPICE Workshop was held before the IASP World Conference of Science Parks was opened the same evening. Hosted by **Luis Sanz**, and **Klaus Plate** this short workshop concentrated on discussing potentials for future SPICE activities. Especially EU programs were introduced by **Pavel Komarek**, who expressed his recommendation to take advantage of the netw... more

10 – 13 Jun 2001
42nd SPICE Meeting
72nd ICECE Work Group event

Hard to imagine a better environment for the first SPICE Group Anniversary Workshop than the NBIA Conference, organized by SPICE member **Dinah Adkins** and her team with more than 730 participants, the International Business Incubators with **Barbara Harley** and her co-developer **Ingrid Rosten** as the local hosts, the 4th World Summit of business incubati... more

San Jose, California
United States
16 – 26 May 2001
71st ICECE Work Group event

In the framework of the ADT Spring Conference SPICE Group co-organized a presentation of Ukrainian business potential. Entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the administration from Western Ukraine presented their activities as well as offers for international cooperation in technology and business. At the same time the German participants during the disc... more

13 – 16 May 2001
41st SPICE Meeting
70th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This quite informal and spontaneously organized meeting focussed on the development of business incubation in Hungary. The Hungarian SPICE Group members **Aniko Soltesz**, **Tivadar Lippenyi** and **Peter Nagy** discussed not only the state of the art, but also elaborated with SPICE Group President **Heinz Fiedler** on ways to strengthen international relation... more

27 – 28 Apr 2001
40th SPICE Meeting
69th ICECE Work Group Meeting

SPICE Group member **Ron Kysiak** succeeded to organize a special forum on Central and east European experience in business incubation and technology parks and found sponsorship by the German Marshall Fund to invite experts from the other side of the Atlantic. **Jacek Gulinski**, President of the Polish Association PBICA and **Jan Naxera** representing the BIC... more

United States
25 – 28 Apr 2001
68th ICECE Work Group event

The **2nd National Conference of KABICA**, Kazakhstan of Business Incubation and Innovation Centers Association, found greatest resonance in the country. After the first conference last year was co-organized by SPICE Group, this years event found the same support, namely in the person of SPICE Group Vice-President **Krzysztof Zasiadly** and **Polad Kuliyev**, ... more

24 – 27 Apr 2001
67th ICECE Work Group event

The first ICECE/SPICE activity of the year 2001 was a **German--Ukrainian Training Seminar** held Slavsko, a winter resort in the Carpatian mountains near the West-Ukrainian Capital Lviv. The training program, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology, was aimed at providing knowledge in promotion of international business cooperation... more

2 – 5 Mar 2001
38th SPICE Meeting
65th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This meeting was caused by a seminar on promoting international business-to-business cooperation in the framework of the ADT / SPICE project supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economy. This was the first SPICE event in Slovakia, and it was a successful one. Thanks to the efficient work of Stefan Vratny, Roman Linczenyi and their team in BIC Bratislav... more

8 – 10 Dec 2000
39th SPICE Meeting
66th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The annual exhibition and conference INNOVATION again brought many participants to Prague. SPICE Group this year visited the city for a different reason: the Christmas markets, and internal strategy discussion of ADT and for talking about cooperation between the Czech association SSTP, the German association ADT and the global network SPICE. Of course all thes... more

Czech Republic
8 – 10 Dec 2000
37th SPICE Meeting
64th ICECE Work Group Meeting

At the annual conference of ADT an international workshop was held to discuss the experience gained from projects to promote business-to-business cooperation of SMEs in different countries. Experts from 10 countries attended this workshop, which was part of the project ADT/SPICE is carrying out with support from the German Federal Ministry of Economy. Results ... more

29 – 31 Oct 2000
36th SPICE Meeting
63rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

This SPICE meeting celebrated the **Tenth Anniversary of the Technology Center Warnemunde (TZW)**. Established shortly after the Berlin Wall fell, TZW now is certainly one of the most successful innovation centers in Germany and has developed to a technology park. Thanks to the effective work of **Petra Ludwig**, managing director of TZW, and her highly engage... more

12 – 14 Oct 2000
35th SPICE Meeting
62nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Organized on initiative of ICECE member **Barbara Bakowska**, the Castle of Malbork, Poland hosted a conference "Institutional forms of training and advises for small enterprises, women and youth in the regions of particular danger of unemployment as an element of self-employment in the European Union environment". Barbara Bakowska in her responsibility as Pre... more

9 – 12 Oct 2000
34th SPICE Meeting
61st ICECE Work Group meeting

The Annual conference of the most experienced Central / East European association of innovation centers, PBICA, was held again in Poznan, the place of the first Polish business incubator and the first operational technology park of the country. An important topic this year was the process of preparing for the EU membership of Poland and what this means for bus... more

28 – 30 Sep 2000
33rd SPICE Meeting
60th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The Second German--Ukrainian Business Cooperation Day, held in Odessa (after Kiev last year) was organized by the SPICE partners AiF and ADT. Several hundreds of small and medium companies from both countries met to find possibilities for concrete international business. SPICE Group again introduced young people to this event. Participants of the seminar on in... more

18 – 20 Sep 2000
32nd SPICE Meeting
59th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The topic "Technology Transfer" is gaining more and more importance. Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, SPICE Group with the partner UBICA and the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea organized a special workshop "Instruments of Technology Transfer" as part of the annual Innovation Conference of Ukraine. This worksh... more

14 – 16 Sep 2000
31st SPICE Meeting
58th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The German-Russian Business-to-Business Meeting at the "All Russian Industry and Innovation exhibition was the environment of this SPICE Meeting. Some 30 German innovative small and medium companies attended this cooperation event to meet with potential business partners from Russia. Visits to the exhibition and to the large car factory of GAZ, producer of the... more

Nishny Novgorod
6 – 9 Sep 2000
30th SPICE Meeting
57th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Part 1 was the "Special SPICE Workshop" to contribute to further developing the business plan for the technology business incubator in the InfoPark Budapest. The workshop was organized to secure the latest "hands-on" advice from internationally experienced practitioners A very interesting and exciting topic indeed--even for experts with more than 18 years exp... more

4 – 6 Aug 2000
29th SPICE Meeting
56th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This first **SPICE meeting in Croatia** was held in the framework of an international conference (more than 20 countries represented) on technology transfer. **Jadranka Svarc**, Head of Department in the Croatian Ministry of Science and member of ICECE / SPICE for many years already not only proved her professional skills as a conference organizer, but also im... more

19 – 20 Jun 2000
28th SPICE Meeting
55th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The 5th Annual High Tech Exhibition and Congress in St. Petersburg showed many examples for positive development. The exhibition first time was combined with two specialized fairs displaying innovations from industry. This addition to the science based innovation contributed much to expand the interest in the event. The conference program organized in parallel... more

St. Petersburg
13 – 17 Jun 2000
27th SPICE Meeting
54th ICECE Work Group Meeting

"BALTIC DYNAMICS", the annual conference of BASTIC, the Baltic Association of Science and Technology Parks and Innovation Centers came back to Kaunas, Lithuania. .... participants from .... countries attended this conference to discuss the actual status and the development perspectives for innovation support and business promotion. Again **Pranas Milius** succ... more

8 – 10 Jun 2000
26th SPICE Meeting
53rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Samara is one of the very few Russian regions with a positive economic development. The regional government proudly publishes the fact that Samara is a net tax payer to the federal budget--means the region receives less tax money from Moscow than it pays to the national budget. Although people in the region may not be too happy about this fact, it is an indica... more

25 – 27 May 2000
25th SPICE Meeting
52nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

The Annual NBIA Conference--as usual--was well attended by participants from all around the globe. This time the conference again hosted a **World Summit** of the associations of business and innovation centers as well as science and technology parks. This bi-annual event at the same time served as a SPICE meeting. Preparation works for the new edition of the ... more

United States
20 – 23 May 2000
24th SPICE Meeting
51st ICECE Work Group Meeting

A German Estonian Business-to-Business meeting organized in the framework of the program of the German Federal Ministry for Economy to promote international cooperation of small and medium enterprises offered the occasion to hold this SPICE/ICECE meeting. **Raivo Tamkivi** not only organized this event in cooperation with the SPICE Group and ADT, he also added... more

18 – 20 May 2000
23rd SPICE Meeting
50th ICECE Work Group Meeting

It would have been a reason for a celebration: The **50th SPICE Meeting** was the ADT SPRING Conference in Wildau near Berlin, Germany. However members are tired of parties and therefore concentrated on work. A very comfortable hotel right next to a beautiful lake, sunshine and temperatures near to 30° C could not keep participants from working on the future ... more

14 – 16 May 2000
22nd SPICE Meeting
49th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The 2nd Annual Conference of UBICA, Ukrainian Business Incubators and Innovation Centers Association was held in **Belaya Tserkhov**, some 120 km from Kiev. This location was chosen because the city is home of the first functioning business incubator/innovation center in Ukraine. But this is not only the first incubator in the country, at the same time it is a... more

Belaya Tserkhov
3 – 6 May 2000
21st SPICE Meeting
48th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Sinaia, Romania (some 120 km from Bucharest) brought together experts in technology transfer and business incubation from 17 countries. 12 of these countries were (co-)represented by SPICE/ICE members. Almost 40 percent of the speakers were members of this global network--an illustration of the level of expertise meanwhil... more

16 – 19 Apr 2000
20th SPICE Meeting
47th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Romo, the famous Danish beach island, was the right place for a SPICE meeting focussing on "Rural and Small Town Economic Development", a topic of increasing importance in Western countries as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The cool and rainy weather supported the desire of participants to enjoy the presentations from different countries summarizing e... more

17 – 19 Mar 2000
19th SPICE Meeting
46th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This SPICE Meeting was held to discuss possibilities for improving business-to-business contacts between small and medium companies in Czech Republic and Germany. Hosted by **Pavel Komarek**, Managing Director of the BIC Prague and the Czech Association of Technology Parks representatives of eight innovation centers and the two national associations met and ex... more

Czech Republic
6 – 9 Mar 2000
18th SPICE meeting
45th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The first meeting of the year 2000 was the **First National Conference on Business Incubation** in Kazakhstan. Initiative for this conference was taken by the SPICE Group under the lead of **Krzysztof Zasiadly**. The event found great attention not only in Kazakhstan, but from 13 other countries as well. International experience in business support and entrepr... more

24 – 27 Feb 2000
17th SPICE meeting
44th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The annual conference of the Czech Association of Technology Parks celebrated a **10th anniversary**--not yet of the anniversary of the association, but it was the tenth conference on business start-ups, technology parks and business incubation. "Back to the roots" could have been the headline. The conference returned to the place where the first workshop was ... more

Czech Republic
7 – 9 Dec 1999
16th SPICE meeting
43rd ICECE meeting

The local host of the annual ADT conference, **Herbert Hoffmann**, executive director of the "Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe" had invited for a SPICE / ICECE meeting, initially scheduled for the time after the conference. But a "formal" SPICE meeting could not be held. Some members came later and others had to leave early. Therefore the network flexibility was us... more

21 – 23 Nov 1999
15th SPICE Meeting
42nd ICECE Meeting

The annual **PBICA in Kiekrz, Poland, November 17-19, 1999** was again well attended and offered new information and contacts. This time--just to give an example--a delegation from Kazakhstan attended the conference and provided much information about business development in their home country. This delegation prior to the conference also received a special tr... more

17 – 19 Nov 1999
14th SPICE Meeting
41st ICECE Work Group Meeting

The international conference "Business Incubation, Innovation and International Cooperation" brought together participants from many countries. Most interesting were the new approaches of Russian institutions towards entrepreneurship and business incubation. For example: After along time of competing initiatives to establish associations of innovation centers ... more

4 – 6 Nov 1999
40th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Again a German--Russian Enterprise Cooperation Forum--the first one in Ukraine--was the framework for an ICECE/SPICE initiative. At this forum a **German--Ukrainian Workshop on Business Incubation** was organized and found greatest interest in the country. More than 70 participants from all over Ukraine, representing all kinds of incubators and projects as wel... more

6 – 9 Oct 1999
39th ICECE Work Group Meeting

A German - Russian Enterprise Cooperation Forum was held in Nishny Novgorod at the "All Russian Exhibition: Russia on the Step into the next Century". In this environment the ICECE Work Group helped organizing different workshops on business cooperation as well as incubation. On important aim was to discuss how business incubators can develop professional serv... more

Nishny Novgorod
10 – 13 Sep 1999
12th SPICE Meeting
37th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This really was a spicy meeting--a lunch in Budapest's famous restaurant REMIZ hosted by **Aniko Soltesz**, ICECE Member since the early days of our network. It brought together members and candidates to discuss international business cooperation and update on recent developments in business and innovation centers. One focus in this respect was the INFOPARK Bu... more

2 Jul 1999
1st SPICE Picnic
13th SPICE Meeting
38th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This SPICE meeting was a First. It was the first "official" cultural initiative in the network and the first SPICE **Picnic and Open Air Classical Concert**. The annual Beethoven festival in Martonvasar (near Budapest) offered the occasion to arrange the SPICE event. The lake in the beautiful park of Martonvasar, a small castle in which Beethoven liked to liv... more

2 Jul 1999
11th SPICE Meeting
36th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The **"White (Technology) Nights"** of St. Petersburg were the second part of the ICECE Forum. Some anniversaries were to celebrate: The "10th Annual Conference on Science and technology Parks" was the "playground" for the ICECE/SPICE Group. The international part of this conference was prepared and moderated by the SPICE Group and members were the speakers: *... more

St. Petersburg
15 – 18 Jun 1999
10th SPICE Meeting
35th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Again well attended and of outstanding quality--like the BALTIC DYNAMICS Conferences in Kaunas (1997) and Riga (1998). The SPICE Group was extra ordinarily strong represented and played an important role in preparing the conference. The presentations of the Forum were of high quality and are--new feature in the SPICE World--available in the **VIRTUAL FAIR**, o... more

12 – 14 Jun 1999
5th ICECE Forum
9th SPICE Meeting
34th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The first international conference of the UBICA, Ukrainian Association of Business and Innovation Centers was well attended by participants from all over the country as well as from other nations. **Eugene Yanchenko**, Executive Director of the newly established UBICA was supported in preparing the conference by **Krzysztof Zasiadly** (PBICA, Poland) and **Hei... more

6 – 8 May 1999
8th SPICE Meeting
33rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

The Annual NBIA Conference attracted more than 500 participants from all over the World. The SPICE Group supported NBIA in organizing the international roundtables and discussions at the conference. The high level of participation and the intensive discussion showed a growing interest in international matters. The SPICE Group held a special meeting focussed on... more

United States
21 – 24 Mar 1999
7th SPICE Meeting
32nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

The attractive and well visited annual exhibition-conference "INNOVATION", organized by the Czech Association of Technology Parks offered the occasion for this meeting. A German-Czech Workshop was an integrated part of the event. The most important issue was to discuss the future development of international cooperation between the associations as well as betw... more

Czech Republic
3 – 4 Dec 1998
6th SPICE Meeting
31st ICECE Work Group Meeting

The **10th Anniversary of the ADT**, Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Center, offered an outstanding possibility to celebrate the 5th SPICE Meeting. The conference was attended by more than 200 delegates and offered presentations by leading personalities from industry, banks, policy, unions and public administration. With support of the... more

8 – 10 Nov 1998
5th SPICE Meeting
30th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This was the **first meeting** of the ICECE Work Group **in Bulgaria**. The occasion was a seminar on "Regional Economic development" organized in cooperation with the ADT and the business incubator ZNIKA, Sofia. Financial support for the workshop was provided by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation. The workshop introdu... more

25 – 27 Oct 1998
4th SPICE Meeting
29th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The conference BALTIC DYNAMICS, organized by the LTC, Latvian technology Center in cooperation with The 4th ICECE Forum SPICE Group was a great success: 213 Participants from 24 countries plus 60 companies presenting their products and services at the exhibition. The Foreign Minister, **Valdis Birkvas** and the Minister for Economy, Laimonis Strujevies opened ... more

3 – 5 Sep 1998
4th ICECE Forum
28th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The Workshop "Strategies for Regional Development: Self Employment, Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation--Relation between Regional Initiatives and National Policy" was held in the Senate Hall of the University of Sibiu. 34 participants from many cities in Romania used this opportunity to learn from international experience, especially from the Study Tour ... more

9 – 11 Aug 1998
3rd SPICE Meeting
27th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The **3rd Exhibition and Conference on Russian High-Tech** as well as the first **German-Russian Conference on Cooperation in the Field of Technological Services** set the framework for the 3rd SPICE Meeting. The exhibition and conferences were attended by more than 550 participants, about 220 of them representing German enterprises. Organized by the **St. Pet... more

St. Petersburg
16 – 19 Jun 1998
2nd SPICE Meeting
26th ICECE Work Group Meeting

The 12th NBIA Conference provided the framework for the 2nd SPICE Group Meeting. A Study Tour of Central European Experts (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Germany) organized jointly by the SPICE Group and the NBIA and funded by the **German Marshall Fund of the United States** was combined with a participation at the NBIA Conference and the 2nd SPICE Group Meeting.... more

United States
1 Jun 1998
1st SPICE Meeting
25th ICECE Work Group Meeting

This meeting at the same time was the **1st SPICE Group Meeting**. The Polish Business and Innovation Center Association, PBICA together with the A. Mickiewicz University organized the first international conference on science and technology parks from March 20 - 21, 1998. This conference found greatest interest in Poland and was attended by 180 participants f... more

21 Mar 1998
24th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Hosted by one of the first innovation centers in Eastern Germany, the "Technology Center Warnemunde (TZW)" an international conference on networks of innovation centers in Northern Europe offered the possibility to develop the links with partners in Scandinavian countries. A number of ICECE Members were invited to present and contributed with their experience ... more

15 Nov 1997
23rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

This Meeting was hosted by the Hungarian Members **Tivadar Lippenyi** and **Aniko Soltesz** and organized to strengthen the relation with the Hungarian members and their neighboring countries. The discussion therefore concentrated on topics of special interest for Hungary and contributed to the development of the national and regional network of innovation cen... more

4 – 5 Oct 1997
22nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

The international exhibition INNOVATION at the Leipzig Fair again offered the basis for an ICECE Meeting. The ADT organized an international conference "Innovation Potential in Central and Eastern Europe--Perspectives of East-West Cooperation" which was attended by several ICECE Members as speakers. The very strong Russian presentation at the exhibition as wel... more

18 Sep 1997
3rd ICECE Forum
4th ICC Meeting
21st ICECE Meeting

Hosted by the Innovation and Development Center (IDC) Kaunas, the 3rd ICECE Forum "Problems and Perspectives of Innovation-Oriented Activities in Central and Eastern Europe" was held together with an exhibition of innovative companies and products with greatest success. The ICECE News reported on this event with a special two-pages supplement to the anniversar... more

5 – 7 Jun 1997
20th ICECE Meeting

The "Utviklingscentrum Syd" (UpS) in Sonderburg hosted this meeting and made it a very successful and enjoyable event. Regional economic development in this area close to the German border is actively promoted with different tools--the UpS being a key for supporting innovation in this framework. The dynamic development of this business innovation center demons... more

21 – 23 Mar 1997
19th ICECE Meeting
5th Anniversary of the ICECE Work Group

This Anniversary Meeting of the ICECE Work Group was celebrated with the International Workshop "Innovation Centers in Central Europe". Sponsored by the "German Marshall Fund of the United States" this Workshop summarized the actual situation of business incubation and entrepreneurship development in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The result... more

8 – 10 Nov 1996
18th ICECE WG Meeting

This ICECE meeting--held at the Annual Conference of the PBICA Polish Business and Innovation Center Association (more than 160 participants)--was attended by Members representing eight countries and focused on ICECE projects, the future organization of the ICECE Work Group as well as co-operation with the ICC. Concerning the ICECE activities one important top... more

12 – 13 Oct 1996
17th ICECE WG Meeting

On the occasion of the "Innovation Fair Leipzig" meetings of ICECE Members from five countries were organized to work on the future structure of the ICECE/ICC activities. The proposal of the ICC Meeting in Belorus to investigate possibilities for establishing a formal Central and East European Association was discussed and a basic structural concept developed.... more

27 – 28 Sep 1996
16th ICECE WG Meeting in Hämeenlinna, Finland

This was an “unofficial“ meeting of the Work Group. Experts from six countries have been invited by the County Council of Häme to prepare an application for a EU - project (ECOS/OUVERTURE). Almost all of the experts were ICECE WG members. Therefore the occasion was used to discuss ICECE matters as well. The stimulating and relax-ing environment of a small... more

28 – 30 Jun 1996

15th ICECE WG in St. Petersburg, Russia

The conference and exhibition „Russian State Research Centers: Russian High Technologies“ gave the opportunity for a meeting of the ICECE Work Group. Members from Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Rumania, Russia and Ukraine used this opportunity to discuss the result of Mogilev meetings as well as possibilities of international technology transfer and ICECE pro... more

St. Petersburg
9 – 11 Jun 1996

14th ICECE WG Meeting in Mogilev, Belorus

This combined ICC/ICECE meeting was held in the framework of an international conference on innovation centers, organized by the ADT (Germany) and the Technopark Mogilev. For the ICECE WG this meeting concentrated on de-velopments in Ukraine and resulted in strengthening links with initiatives in this country. Further important results are summarized under the... more

8 Jun 1996
13th ICECE WG Meeting at the NBIA Conference in New Orleans

Supported by the NBIA the ICECE secretariat in Berlin financial could secure financila support from SOROS foundation. But even with such support financial restrictions did not allow this Work Group Meeting to be attended by all ICECE network Members. ECE-Countries represented were Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Rumania. Additionally representatives from many... more

New Orleans
United States
22 – 25 May 1996
2nd ICECE-Forum and 12th ICECE meeting, in Budapest (November 23-25, 1995)

2nd ICECE-Forum and 12th ICECE meeting, in Budapest 2nd ICECE Forum The first time in Hungary and in the framework of the National Annual Conference of Hungarian Business and Innovation Centers, this ICECE-Forum promoted the concept of innovation centers and entrepreneurship effectively at defining the future work of the ICECE Work Group. During the past four... more

23 – 25 Nov 1995
11th ICECE meeting

With the support of the German Ministry for Economy discuss ICECE matters as well. The stimulating and relaxing environment of a small castle near a beautiful lake (and a Finnish sauna, of course) helped to produce good results concerning the project application and creative ideas for ICECE activities, e.g. to mail an ICECE--UPDATE (for members only) for more ... more

1 Mar 1995
10th ICECE meeting

Looking at the diverting developments of economy and privatization in the CEE countries the Work Group began to look for ways for organizing the collaboration in a more effective way. The positive development of the ICC (International Consulting Council) was welcomed by the ICECE Work Group. For the future the organizational basis between the ICECE Work Group ... more

St. Petersburg
29 Jan 1995
9th ICECE meeting

The Annual conference of the Polish Business Incubator Association again offered the framework for an ICECE meeting. Possibilities to establish a multinational management training institute were discussed as well as finding possibilities for a more stable basis for publishing the "ICECE News". The diversion of development in the different countries was discuss... more

Sep 1994
8th ICECE meeting

Related to the progress of restructuring and privatization--developing in very different ways and speed in the individual countries--Innovation Centers in the CEE countries gained different experience and made programs with different speed. As a future task the strengthening of direct links between companies (in innovation centers) was identified, knowing abo... more

28 Feb – 1 Mar 1994
7th ICECE meeting

The Annual ADT conference in Berlin offered the basis for this ICECE meeting. Ten years of Innovation Centers in Germany were to be celebrated. A first evaluation of this experience with a special view on the use for Central and Eastern Europe was the main topic of the work. The development of the first innovation centers in Central and Eastern Europe was eval... more

29 Nov – 1 Dec 1993
6th ICECE meeting

This meeting took place in the framework of the Annual Conference of the Polish Business Incubation Association. The combination of ICECE activities with national events (conferences, seminars, training programs) was aimed at supporting international participation in such events and thereby strengthening the transnational collaboration. Result of the ICECE mee... more

25 – 26 Sep 1993
1st ICECE Forum
5th ICECE meeting

The first ICECE-Forum in St. Petersburg was the first public event of the ICECE Work Group. More than 460 participants used this opportunity to establish steadfast relations. The main topics covered by this forum were the international financing and promotion programs for technology centers and new companies. Other international institutions discussed their ex... more

St. Petersburg
27 – 30 Jan 1993
4th ICECE meeting

The fourth ICECE meeting took place prior to the ADT Annual Conference and discussed possible ways to encourage and support international collaboration of small technology-oriented firms as well as to promote the transfer of technology between East and West. Furthermore experience and information regarding activities in the different countries were exchanged a... more

7 Nov 1992
3rd ICECE meeting

The third meeting was held in St. Petersburg together with the IASP (International Association of Science Parks) Conference and the Conference on Small and Medium-sized Business in Europe. Management and financing of innovation centers as well as preparation of training programs were the main points of this meeting. The ICECE Work Group decided to invite as a... more

St. Petersburg
13 – 17 Jun 1992
2nd ICECE meeting

Based on the initiative of the ADT and the BIT, Baltic International Technopark, the second meeting of the ICECE Work Group took place in St. Petersburg and was sponsored by TIT, Technologies for International Technoparks, an Italian-Russian joint venture. The main goals of the ICECE Work Group were defined as: * the analysis of the environment for innovati... more

St. Petersburg
29 Mar 1992
1st ICECE meeting

Following the Annual Conference of Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Centers (ADT) in Berlin in November 1991 a group of experts most of the Central and East European (CEE) countries met for a special workshop. The discussion during this meeting clearly showed the importance of an intensive exchange of information and the need for collab... more

20 Nov 1991