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Maciej Nowak Poznan, Poland
Membership status: ICECE Member since: Dec 01, 2014
Poznan Science & Technology Park
Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation
Rubie┼╝ 46, building C4/52
Phone: 6226900 send mail
Fax: 6226996 WWW:

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is Deputy Manager of the technology InQbator at Poznan Science and Technology Park in Poland. Focused primarily on fields of entrepreneurship education and business ideas creation, as well as early-stage business acceleration.
Maciej is experienced in supporting entrepreneurs-to-be, especially those coming from an academic background. He works as trainer and coach. His coaching workshop includes among others following topics: business models creation, academic entrepreneurship, team building or how to achieve success.
Maciej is graduate of Poznan University of Economics, where he earned a masters degree in International Business. He is working in the field of business incubation since 2007.
After hours, he enjoys travelling (both with his mind and body) and relaxing by binge-watching his favorite TV shows.