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Franz Dietrich Eschbach, Germany
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Mr. Franz Dietrich (German), born 1952 in Berlin, is an Economist and now an independent advisor with over 30 years of experience in Regional and SME Development and corresponding capacity building projects specifically focusing on Business Incubators, Science and Technology Parks.

Mr. Dietrich has worked in a range of developing and emerging countries on EU – and national funded projects as Team leader, consultant and/or and trainer. He was founder and CEO of EXPERPLAN Regional Development, Munich.

One of his key specializations is the planning of SME related infrastructure projects, like Science- and Technology – parks, Innovation Centers and Technology Business Incubators and the training of their management.

Of his most recent relevant projects is the –2004 to 2011 – InWEnt (now GIZ) capacity building project in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines for the development of Technology Business Incubators, project name “Support of Technology Innovations in South East Asia”. More than 500 representatives from Universities, public authorities, enterprises and support agencies have been trained to develop Business Incubators and more than 20 Incubators have been set-up and their staff trained.

• 2 Guidelines for the Development and Operation of Technology Business Incubators (Publisher: InWEnt, now GIZ)
• Incubator ABC (Publisher: ADT)