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Yousef Abu-Hmeidan Amman, Jordan
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Jan 20, 2008
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has 29 years of experience in Jordan and USA in fields of R&D, manufacturing, quality control, training, teaching and incubation businesses. In the last four years, he held the position of the first director of the Jordan Innovation Centre (JIC) for Engineers and Industrial Enterprises at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS). During that period JIC hosted 8 start up companies, two patents and three trade marks were registered. Yousef created The I’s of Innovation/Vision for Wealth Creation. ISBN 9957-434-28-4 / 2005, a system that was created for the establishment and/or development of innovation in any Lately, Yousef established his own business, I’s of Innovation Enterprise; his aim is to serve Jordanian entrepreneurs and inventors through providing training and consultation. He is approved by Jordan Upgrading and Modernization Program (JUMP) as an expert in fields of Institutional Development and Business Support Centre Services.
Yousef is holding M. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering; he is a co-founder of the JIC Network in Jordan, Blood Donors Group at the RSS and the Jordanian Foundrymen’s society. He is a member in many local and international societies such as:
Middle East & North Africa Business Incubation Network (MENAinc), Mechanical Engineering Department Industrial Advi-sory Board, University of Jordan, Technology Commercialization Program (TCP) at PSUT, Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) or National Industry Support Commission (NISC) - Jordan.