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Janis Stabulnieks Riga, Latvia
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Dec 10, 1991
Aizkraukles Street 21
Phone: 7557919 send mail
Fax: 67541218 WWW:

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Janis Stabulnieks, Prof., is the Managing Director of the Latvian Technological Center – the first innovation support structure established in Latvia. Since 1993, his main research in the expertise areas has revolved around the analysis and policy advice for the creation of the National Innovation System in Latvia. In 2001-2002, he was Chairman of the working group for preparation of the National Programme on Innovation. He is an invited expert for the EU CREST Working Group on Knowledge Transfer and the coordinator of the technology transfer actions in the Enterprise Europe Network in Latvia under the EU CIP Programme.
Dr. J.Stabulnieks is a member of the IASP (International association of Science Parks), EBN (European Business and Innovation Center’s Network) and BASTIC (Baltic Association of Science/Technology Parks and Innovation Centres). He is the President of the Latvian Association of Technology Parks, Centers and Business Incubators (LTICA).