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Larisa Brovarska Poznan, Poland
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Jan 01, 2002
Poznan Science and Technology Park<br />ul. Rubież 46
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Larisa Brovarska, born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1999 began working for SPICE Group as freelancer supporting organization of workshops and conferences. From early 2001 she moved to Poland to build up the network’s secretariat in the Science & Technology Park Poznan.
In this function she also worked with the Polish Business Incubation and Innovation Centers Association. For SPICE Group she organized numerous conferences and workshops in many countries, beginning with the infoDev Workshop Berlin (2003), and the GATEWAY Workshop Bonn (2004). She also cares about the development of the SPICE Group information dissemination including the web site and special activities like the SPICE Art Ball for the 15th anniversary of the network.
Ms. Brovarska was responsible for the project management of SPICA Directory (Science Park and Innovation Center Associations), the first global directory of business incubators, science/technology parks and their associations (published 2001 at the World Conference on Business Incubation in Rio de Janeiro). Since 2002 she is developing the online version of this directory under the name “SPICA Directory Online” as part of her work as project manager in SPICE Group.
Before joining SPICE Group Ms. Brovarska worked in different professional environments, for example as secretary and referent in the “Ukrainian Fish Farm Complex - Ukr Fish Service”, as an accounting assistant in the Fashion shop “Runa”, and as the Head of the Library Section for Technology in the “Kiev Automobile Road Institute” She studied construction engineering at the university “Kiev Automobile Road Institute” with the specialization of roads, and bridges. She attended a number of additional qualification courses, e.g. at the Center of Integrated Training Technologies “Perspectives – XXI Century”, and a course for bank employees (basic training for bank employees, technologies of bank operations, basics of business, ethics and psychology of business relations, computer technology, information technology in banking).