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Karl-Heinz Klinger Königs Wusterhausen, Germany
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Aug 20, 2001
Am Anger 4
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is making innovative findings and developments from Russia available for international business coopera-tion in an easy-to-find way. He has established a web based brokerage system (see and there click on “Innovationsbörse”) with offers from many different technologies, e.g. biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, new materials, electronics, software, and information technology. If users find some-thing interesting in the listing, Karl-Heinz Klinger can provide details and make the direct link. Based on his extensive experience from working in Russia, his knowledge of the language and culture language and culture he this way he secures and efficient and reliable contacts and prospective success. The system is available in German and Russian Language (the English version is under construction) – but quite a number of offers are described in English anyhow