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Ron Kysiak Newton, Wisconsin, United States
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Apr 19, 2000
8709 Blue Heron Way
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I have worked on research park strategic planning, development of incubators, raising and implementing seed capital funds and other facets of technology-based economic development since 1980, putting together parks with both government and private sector partnerships in both New Haven, Connecticut (Yale University, Olin Corporation) and Evanston, Illinois (Northwestern University.

I have been invited to travel to most Eastern and Central European countries, providing training, advice and insight to government, university and private sectors into building a knowledge-economy. Other venues where I have provided professional consulting assistance include China, Russia (Siberia), Iceland, Croatia, the UK and Australia.

I enjoy traveling and helping others to develop technology-based strategic planning for the development of science parks, incubators and business development systems for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Inquiries from SPICE members are always encouraged and any advice I might provide over the phone or Internet is pro bono for my SPICE colleagues.

And to my friends in Estonia, Latvia and Poland, I wish you well.