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Rolf Friedrichsdorf Berlin, Germany
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Oct 30, 2004
Am Borsigturm 40
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is managing the Phoenix Business Incubator in Berlin. He also was active in the national association as a Vice Chairman of ADT untile May 2010, the German Federal Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers.
Before entering into the world of business incubation Rolf worked in a number of assignments in industry and enterprise promotion, for example in the German federal organization supporting technology based start-up enterprises with various programs. Rolf also worked in computer companies in Germany as well as abroad. This solid business experience today is a foundation to build on for his work in a business incubator. Regarding his work as Board member of ADT Rolf was giving priority to international cooperation of incubators as well as businesses. Besides all these professional activities Rolf is member of a men choir “Der Männergruppe” ( Here Rolf does not only sing (and as a born Bavarian he yodels), but he also plays accordion, guitar and trombone Business incubation professionals may remember the concert of this choir performed at the 10th ADT conference in Berlin.