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Anna Torz Poznan, Poland
Membership status: SPICE Member since: Dec 01, 2014
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Anna Torz is head of Technology InQbator of Poznań Science and Technology Park since more than six years. Under her management the incubator in 2009 won the “Best Science Based Incubator Award” in the category “Most promising Incubator” – especially because of the good practice in inspiring students to be entrepreneurial in OECD’s LEED Program.
Anna has more than eight years of consulting experience in the field of academic entrepreneurship, innovation and innovation financing. She also worked two years as an investment committee member in field of IT, biotechnology and chemistry.
Since more than six years Anna serves as board member of the Polish Innovation and Business and Centres Association (PBICA) and is co-author of biannual Report on Business and Innovation Centres in Poland and is an expert in Effective Environment for Innovative Business Initiative.
For more than six years Anna has been conducting training sessions on networking, business angels, academic entrepreneurship for students, lecturers as well as training sessions on management of technology incubator and effectiveness of technology incubators for managers of business support institutions.
Since more than eight years Anna is managing an coordinating projects funded by EU, Polish Government, including positions of Project Coordinator and Team Leader in international collaborative projects (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs). She has practical experience in development of service programmes, strategies and business plans for incubators and technology parks.
Anna is also experienced in journalism and media relations, editor-in-chief of IQ quarterly – the unique magazine which allowed an enhanced exchange of experiences between the world of science and local business and facilitated networking with national and international innovation centres.