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Yousif Mufeez Hidd, Bahrain
Membership status: SPICE Member since: May 01, 2016
Building 8, Road No. 17 Block No.117, Hidd Industrial Area
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Yousif Abdulla Mufeez is the Manager and Head of Center of “BBIC, Bahrain Business Incubator Center “BBIC” in Bahrain responsible to supervise BBIC’s daily duties, in addition to coaching and mentoring for the client firms. Also, he is working to improve the business incubation program by enhancing the incubation model, systemizing our monitoring and follow-up practices. And effectively linking businesses together (local and international).
Before taking this position Yousif in 2015 was acting head of the Bahrain Women Incubator Center “Riyadat”, coaching and guiding female entrepreneurs throughout their incubation cycle, in addition to managing the day to day operations of the Center. In 2014 he was Head of the Export Development Center “Project” aimed at developing an export and business internationalization center; The Export Development Center (EDC). Important activities during this time were to broaden the local and international networks, recommend which regions to consider networking with as an initial phase. This position also included communication and cooperation with ministries, and SME support institutions within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Yousif started his professional with the Bahrain Development Bank “BDB” as an Advisory Officer acquiring experience from interacting with entrepreneurs who require guidance to start-up their business enterprise. This work was much related to training, guiding and assisting entrepreneurs to help generate a complete and effective business plan/feasibility study. It also included interaction with the SME banking division of the BDB which helped developing knowledge and experience in the field of Access to Finance and identify the best practices of SME lending support.